Welcome to Francesco's World of Web Wonders.

My name is Francesco Ingegnere

I am a passionate full stack developer, specializing in creating innovative and responsive web applications.

My career is fueled by a passion for technology and a constant desire to innovate.

I love tackling projects that challenge my skills, pushing me towards continuous professional growth.

I have experience in a variety of languages and frameworks, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, Python, Laravel, React, Node.js, Bootstrap, and Tailwind.

My experience in the construction industry as a freelancer has enriched my versatility, enabling me to handle complex projects with a holistic and multidisciplinary approach.


Web Development:

MVC & MVVM exeperience
UI & UX exeperience
Databases exeperience
kanban exeperience
scrum exeperience
development exeperience

In web development, I focus on crafting interactive applications optimized for every device.

With a keen eye on UI/UX design, I ensure each project not only meets aesthetic needs but also delivers a seamless user experience.

From database architecture to Agile methodologies like Kanban and Scrum, my goal is to deliver cutting-edge web solutions that push the boundaries of technological innovation.

Programming languages:

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Programming languages are the essential tools of my trade.

With a strong grasp of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, I build the foundation of responsive and interactive websites.

I am also skilled in backend languages like PHP and Python, and in the versatile TypeScript, all of which are crucial for developing robust and high-performing applications.

Tolls & Frameworks:

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My development toolkit encompasses cutting-edge tools and frameworks that enhance my web development capabilities.

I use Laravel for structured backend management, React for dynamic user interfaces, and Node.js for scalable server-side applications.

Bootstrap and Tailwind CSS are my allies for rapid and responsive design, while Nginx supports me in optimizing performance.



home page timedile.it

Timedile.it is a showcase website developed with Laravel, enhanced by Fortify for security.

It features advanced functions such as contact management, user registration and login, property listing, and quote requests.

The design is crafted with Tailwind CSS, offering a clean and modern user interface.

The site is deployed on a LEMP stack, ensuring optimal performance on Linux servers with Nginx.

HTML logo CSS logo Javascript logo PHP logo Laravel logo Node.js logo Tailwind logo Nginx logo


home page beastblog.com

Beastblog is a thematic portal for anime enthusiasts, crafted with a blend of Laravel and Bootstrap for a robust back-end development foundation and an engaging user interface.

The site features a custom API for anime searches and leverages Fortify to ensure optimal security during user access and registration.

Livewire introduces a layer of modern interactivity, enabling a responsive and intuitive user experience.

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home page handyman.com

Handyman.com stands as an example of how effective design can be conveyed through various web technologies.

This front-end template, inspired by a WordPress theme, has been meticulously converted by me into an HTML and CSS code.

The advanced version with Bootstrap retains the visual integrity of the original design, adding improved responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility.

With the addition of JavaScript, the site gains dynamic features that enhance user engagement while maintaining the simplicity and efficiency of the layout.

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home page presto.it

Presto.it is a team project developed with the Agile Scrum approach.

Within four weeks of sprints, we created a versatile platform using Laravel, integrating technologies like Google Vision API and Socialite for an advanced user experience.

Beyond the basic functionalities built with Laravel, the site has been enriched with multilingual capabilities to reach an international audience, Livewire for real-time dynamic interactions, and the implementation of asynchronous jobs to manage background operations, thus optimizing the site's performance.

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